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ABG Right Choice

Illinois employers with 25 or more employees who have been in operation for at least 2 years and do not offer an employer-sponsored retirement plan, are required to implement the Illinois Secure Choice program based on the following deadlines:

500+ employees:

100 – 499 employees:

25 – 99 employees:

Deadline has passed

July 2019

November 2019

ABG Right Choice

Looking for an Alternative to the Illinois Secure Choice Retirement Program?

ABG Retirement Plan Services is an Illinois-based company helping people save for retirement since 1967. We have designed an alternative for companies who have no desire to install a retirement program mandated and managed by the State of Illinois, but are interested in helping their employees save for retirement. It’s called ABG Right Choice!

ABG Right Choice includes:

  • Automatic Enrollment at 5% with an opt out option for employees
  • Automatic Escalation of 1% per year
  • Roth and Pre-Tax deferral option
  • High-quality, Low-cost Investment Menu
  • Online employer and employee portal
  • Online SmartPlan™ enrollment
  • Full fiduciary liability protection for employer
  • Low-cost, streamlined administration

Have questions or would you like to get more information on ABG Right Choice or a plan custom designed for your company?

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Associate Contact:

Bev Alleman - Ext. 1222


ABG Retirement Plan Services (ABG) is a regional service office of one of the largest retirement plan administration organizations in the country. (More)

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