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ABG Pay360

ABG Pay360 provides seamless integration between ABG Retirement Plan Services Recordkeeping and payroll providers such as ADP®, Paychex®, and more.

ABG Pay360, powered through partnership with Payroll Integrations, LLC, connects major payroll providers with our Recordkeeping system.

With ABG Pay360, Plan Sponsors can reduce administrative burdens, improve data accuracy, and stay ahead of the competition with cutting edge technology.



Remove administrative burdens and eliminate data entry error


Bank-grade encryption keeps employees’ personal information safe

360° Integration

360° Integration

Seamless two-way communication

The easiest payroll and record keeping integration available

Eliminate mundane administrative duties and data-entry error

Automatically update 401(k) deductions

Reduce manpower costs

Secure, bank-grade encrypted data transmission

Improved data accuracy

How to contact us about ABG PAY360:

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Associate Contact:

Danielle Colgan - Ext. 1255


ABG Retirement Plan Services (ABG) is a regional service office of one of the largest retirement plan administration organizations in the country. (More)

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